1962 Fender Jaguar

December 6, 2014

We just got in this gorgeous and all original 1962 Fender Jaguar.  It was a one owner guitar and a true closet classic find.  Check out the inventory page for additional details on this great piece.


DSC_3226 DSC_3252 DSC_3244 DSC_3240 DSC_3235 DSC_3231 DSC_3217 DSC_3213

1961 Fender Strat

June 29, 2014

Alright, this one could very well be the top contender for the “best pre-CBS player Strat” that has ever graced our shop with it’s presence.  This guitar is simply awesome.  It’s got that broken in, plays like butter, pre-CBS mojo that you just can’t put a price on…  Except we’ve priced this one at $11,750.  🙂  Check it out on our inventory page.  We will be blogging here more about the restoration on this guitar so stay tuned…


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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue

May 31, 2014

This is a very clean ’65 Deluxe Reissue Fender amp that we just got in the shop.  It’s a 2004 model and is still in great shape.  The amp lacks the cigarette smell of a bar performer so we imagine that this one did most of it’s duties in the bedroom of the previous owner’s house.  Checkout out the amps and effects page for more details.



DSC_0066 DSC_0067 DSC_0062 DSC_0068 DSC_0069 DSC_0072 DSC_0073 DSC_0075

1955 Gretsch Electromatic Corvette

May 31, 2014

If you are a Gretsch fan you are going to love this one.  This ’55 Gretsch Corvette looks pristine.  Almost like it time warped in the future.  It was most definitely a closet queen, with very little signs of play wear outside of some minor scuffing on the back side.  Check out the inventory page for more details.


DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0024

1955 Fender Champ amp and 1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel

May 31, 2014

The 1950’s are still alive in this little Champ amp.  Playing this amp makes me want to cruise to a drive in somewhere in a 1955 Chevy.  And the tone.  Oh that tone.  And it gets better – It came to us with a brother, a 1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel… both were purchased together in 1955 and were acquired from their original owner.  Talk about a good story!  We have them listed to sell as a pair but will accept offers on either piece individually.  But do you really want to be the one that breaks up a family….

Check them both out on our inventory page.

DSC_0299 DSC_0302 DSC_0306 DSC_0309 DSC_0311 DSC_0312 DSC_0313 DSC_0314 DSC_0315 DSC_0317 DSC_0319 DSC_0320 DSC_0321 DSC_0324


1963 Gibson Les Paul Jr. – SG Body

May 30, 2014

This is one of the nicer SG bodied Les Paul Jr.’s I’ve seen in a while.  Beautifully original with a natural and honest patina.  Check out the inventory page for more details.


DSC_0280 DSC_0282 DSC_0283 DSC_0284 DSC_0285 DSC_0286 DSC_0287 DSC_0288 DSC_0291 DSC_0292 DSC_0293 DSC_0294 DSC_0295 DSC_0296 DSC_0297

1973 Tele Thinline

May 29, 2014

Here is another awesome Tele that just came into stock.  A real vintage 1973 Fender Telecaster Thinline.  This one is extra cool and in beautiful shape.  Check out the inventory page for more details.


DSC_0254 DSC_0255 DSC_0260 DSC_0263 DSC_0264 DSC_0266 DSC_0267 DSC_0268 DSC_0269 DSC_0270 DSC_0271 DSC_0272 DSC_0273 DSC_0274 DSC_0276

1967 Fender Tele – Bigsby

May 28, 2014

Just in, 1967 Fender Tele Bigsby.  This one definitely has THE LOOK and has been getting lots of attention on our social media sites.  This one won’t be around long so checkout the inventory page for additional details.



DSC_0252 DSC_0251 DSC_0250 DSC_0248 DSC_0247 DSC_0246 DSC_0244 DSC_0242 DSC_0241 DSC_0240 DSC_0239 DSC_0238 DSC_0237 DSC_0236