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May 21, 2014

1962 Fender Jaguar

This is a beautiful example of a collector grade Pre-CBS Jaguar.  We acquired this guitar from it’s original owner who purchased it brand new in the early 60s.  The guitar comes with all of the original accessories including the original Fender case, original Fender leather strap, the tremolo bar, the metal bridge cover and the original mute (although like most mutes, it has deteriorated).  It was stored for years after being played regularly in a surf rock band in the 60s and it is a true time capsule find.

This guitar is all original less one replaced tuning key (we have the original key and will include it although it has a cracked post).  The replaced key is a real vintage Kluson, Double Line key with the appropriate patent number stamp, D-169400.  All the electronics and hardware are all original.  This guitar also has a very rare setup, being that all of the tone capacitors in the circuits are metal film caps as opposed to ceramic.  The main tone cap and the tone cap on the rhythm circuit are 60s Sprague Orange Drop caps (we’ve done detailed research to verify that all the caps are period correct and original) and the “bass cut” cap on the main switching circuit is a GE.   In rare cases, Fenders of this era would appear with these capacitors as opposed to the SK “red dime” caps that are most prominently seen in these instruments.  This makes this guitar a little more “unique”.

Neck stamp is 1 DEC 62 B, signifying production in December of 1962 with the “B” nut width, which is 1 5/8”.  The pots are stamped 304 -6218, indicating that these are original Stackpole Pots manufactured on the 18th week of ’62.

The finish is still in very good condition but does show some typically nicks and dings from play wear.  The back of the guitar shows some belt buckle marks from being played – typical wear, nothing excessive.  Overall the guitar still has a very nice gloss and shows very well for an instrument of it’s age.

Tone / Playability
This guitar sounds beautiful.  Whether you are into Surf rock,  Alt Rock or just classic Fender tone, this guitar serves it up with along with smooth tremolo action for days.  The original pickups are still very powerful and clear with a unique, percussive tone that only vintage Jaguars can provide.  Plug this into a Blackface Fender Reverb amp of your choice and it’s just magic.  The switching system is really cool and allows a wide variety of tones to be dialed in.  Very versatile.
The guitar has been professionally setup here in our shop and plays beautifully.  Low, smooth action.  Lower frets show some normal signs of wear from chording but nothing that interferes with playability or creates string buzz.  Trem systems works great, very smooth and buttery.
Are you interested in this awesome 62 Fender Jaguar?  Drop us a message today and we would be happy to chat with you about this inspiring guitar.  We also have many more photos of the guitar and will provide them at your request.
We pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction and we always encourage our clients to call us and discuss our items before purchase.  We love to chat so please send us a message today and we can arrange a convenient time to answer any questions that you may have.  We can also arrange a Skype or FaceTime video chat to show you the guitar “live”.
Thanks for looking!

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1960 Fender Telecaster

This awesome 1960 tele just finished up restoration work in our shop and is now ready for prime time.  And let me tell you, it’s magic.  Coming in at 7 pounds 2.5 ounces this one is light, resonate and twangy!  I’m sure you’ve heard of pre-CBS “mojo”, this one has it in spades for sure.  

When we acquired the guitar it had come from a player.  Someone who obviously played this thing religiously and loved it as their go to guitar for gigs.  Although it was originally blonde from the factory it had the finished stripped some time long ago (we estimate it was late 70s or early 80s) and the guitar was refinished to it’s current state, a natural finish that shows of it’s very pretty ash body.  The neck was also refinished and the headstock needed some TLC (the previous owner sanded the logo and did a poor job of logo replacement).  We refinished the headstock in nitro lacquer, color matched to the back perfectly and replaced the logo with a quality, period correct reproduction.  After the refinish and some minor setup work this one is ready to be someones #1 player guitar for the next 50 years.  

Below is a quick over of the guitar and what’s original and non-original

Original parts:

  • Body and neck (body marked 9-60, neck marked 7-60)
  • Frets –  All appear original and are in fair condition.  There is noticeable pitting on the lower frets from chording.
  • Neck plate and screws (serial number is 53364)
  • Neck pickup (reads 7.23 ohms)
  • Bridge and saddles (has the transitional bridge with both top and bottom feed options)
  • 5 of the 6 tuners (low E tuner replaced with what appears to be a Gotoh) 
  • Pickguard 
  • Nut and string tree
  • Control plate
  • 3 way switch (part number 014418)
  • 1 original control knob (not installed on the guitar but is included)

Non original parts:

  • Bridge pickup –  Pickup is a late 60s gray bottom model and has been dated as a 1967 by Tom Brantley of Brantley Rewinds.  Bridge pickup reads 6.20 ohms.  
  • Pots and caps – Pots stamped 1377613 (CTS brand, 13th week of 1973).  These were most likely harvested from another Tele in the early 70s.  The cap is a 1970s ceramic style and the cap for the neck tone circuit is a Sprague Orange Drop.  (the guitar is vintage wired)
  • Control knobs –  Currently installed are lightly relic’d reproduction fender knobs.  As mentioned above we have one of the original knobs and it will be included with the guitar
  • Output jack and plate –  Sometime in the past the previous owner installed a Gibson style jack plate on the guitar.  We left it as is but will be glad to change it back to the standard tele “cup” if the new owner requests it.  
  • Low E tuner –  As mentioned above the low E tuner has been replaced with a Gotoh vintage style tuner.
  • Ashtray bridge cover
  • Case –  The guitar does not have the original case but we are including a brand new G&L hardshell case with the guitar.  
  • Strap buttons – The previous owner replaced the stock strap buttons with press in bushings that are machine threaded (we’re guessing this was a 1970s alternative to strap locks?)  This can easily be reversed if the buyer so chooses.  

Are you interested in this pre-CBS player Tele?  Drop us a message today and we would be happy to chat with you about this awesome guitar –




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1961 Fender Stratocaster

This 1961 Stratocaster is a very very nice example of an early 60s player strat.  A fantastic feeling neck, light resonant body, low fast action and that special “mojo” that you look for in pre-CBS Fender guitars.  It’s been an absolute favorite for all that have picked it up here in the shop.  The guitar had the finish stripped by a previous owner but the original color is accurately believed to be Shell Pink, based on the overspray color found in the control cavity, which was a rather rare custom color.  

When we originally received the guitar it was in need of some light restoration and we’ve completed all of the work here at Scary Guitar Works.  We worked diligently to bring the guitar as close to original spec as we could while making subtle improvements to make it a reliable and sonically rich player guitar.  We have tons of photos that we took throughout the restoration process and we are happy to share those, along with a detailed description of the work performed, with any interested parties.  Just drop us a message and we will be happy to provide any information you would like. 

 Here is a quick overview of the guitar and the original and non-original parts.  

Original parts:

  • Neck – Original frets, in good condition.  Neck stamp of January 1961.  Neck was stripped and refinished along with the body by a previous owner.  Original Fender Logo and Patent Numbers are still in good shape.
  • Body.  Nail holes and body mounting dowels clearly visible.  Date code was obviously erased by refinishing.
  • Bridge and Tremelo unit (including bridge saddles, screws, plate, block and spring tension claw)
  • Pots and tone capacitor (late 1960 date code on pots)
  • Neck plate with serial number (58331) and neck screws.
  • Metal pick guard shield
  • Pickguard screws
  • Original bridge pickup – Included with guitar but not installed.  Was professionally rewound by Tom Brantley.  (Guitar currently has Lollar Blackface pickups installed)
  • 5 of the original 6 Kluson tuners – Included with guitar but not installed.  (Guitar currently has relic’d reproduction Kluson “single line” tuners)
  • Input jack plate
  • Strap buttons

Non Original Parts

  • Lollar Black Face Stratocaster Pickups (as stated above we do have the original bridge pickup and it will be provided with the guitar).  These pickups are the flat pole piece model, which Jason Lollar himself recommends as the tone and string balance is superior to the vintage staggered design.
  • Reproduction genuine Kluson “Single Line” Tuners (Model SD9105MN).  Lightly relic’d and visually identical to the originals but with the benefit of a modern 15:1 ratio.
  • Tuner bushings –  The guitar came to us with late 70s “F Style” Fender tuners installed.  The peg head had been drilled out to adapt 10mm bushings.  We used Steward McDonald adaptor bushings to fit the hole but accept the standard 1/4″ tuner shaft.  Bushings have been lightly relic’d to match other hardware.
  • Pick guard (period correct mint green, lightly and tastefully relic’d)
  • Pickup covers (also lightly relic’d for vintage appearance)
  • Knobs and switch tip (believed to be from late 70s, came on the guitar when we acquired it)
  • Pickup switch –  5 way model from a 1970s Strat, part number 014418.  Believed to have been “upgraded” by the original owner in the late 70s.
  • Bone nut replaced by previous owner (small chip of wood visible from fret board just behind nut)
  • String tree (Screw and metal spacer believed to be original parts but the string tree itself is a lightly relic’d period correct replacement)
  • Case – The case is a late 60s Fender case.

The guitar sounds beautiful with the Lollar pickups and has that chiming, bell like tone that you expect from a pre-CBS Strat.  The guitar is resonant and harmonically rich and the neck feels just like a well broken in pair of blue jeans.  It’s a real delight to play and hear.  

Drop us a message today and we would be happy to chat with you about this awesome pre-CBS Strat.  You can purchase from us directly or via our online shop, link below.  As an exclusive member of Reverb’s Preferred Seller Program we pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction and we always encourage our clients to call us and discuss our items before purchase.  We love to chat so please send us a message today and we can arrange a convenient time to answer any questions that you may have.  Email us at





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1955 Gretsch Electromatic Corvette – 6182

If you are a Gretsch fan you are going to love this one.  This ’55 model 6182 Gretsch Corvette looks pristine.  Almost like it time warped in the future.  It was most definitely a closet queen, with very little signs of play wear outside of some minor scuffing on the back side.  The finish is in excellent shape.  No visible signs of checking or cracks.  There is a very slight finish imperfection on the front of the guitar near the top of the neck where is appears that the sunburst color wasn’t completely filled at the factory.  Very minor and honestly adds to the character and originality of the instrument.

The guitar plays very well and the pickup sounds fantastic.  Very full and thick, perfect for that big band, jazzy tone.  What do you think about this one?  Leave a comment or contact us at to discuss.


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1955 Fender Champ Amp and 1955 Fender Champion Lap Steel

This cool little duo just ended up with a new home at Scary Guitar Works.  But they really need a forever owner.  Someone else who will love and cherish this little vintage Fender family for the next 59 years.  These two pieces were acquired from the original owner who purchased them both new in 1955.  Such a cool story!  We have them listed for sale as a pair but we will entertain offers on either or.  But do you really want to be “that guy” that breaks up a family… 

The little Champ amp sounds amazing and has all the great tweed tonal qualities that you dream about.  It remains poised and clear until you get to the top of the volume knob and then begins to breakup in a beautifully “tweed” sort of way.  Super, super cool.  The amp has a great patina that shows it’s age but there are no signs of excessive wear or abuse.  The only flaw the little amp has is a slight crack in the fuse holder (pictured).  However, this does not impact the performance of the amp in any way.  We are leaving it up to the next owner to choose if they want to replace it or leave it stock.  

The lap steel is super cool also.  Lots of twang and 50s country tone for days.  The previous owner put chord markers on the face of the guitar with masking tape.  We chose to leave them on because we felt it added to the history and appeal of the instrument but the tape can easily be removed with no damage.  The guitar has had the tuners replaced (the original buttons shrank, very common on these guitars) but the original tuners are included (pictured).  The guitar also comes with an original soft case.  

If you are interested contact us at 

Champ Amplifier – $1,649

Champion Lap Steel – $999

DSC_0299 DSC_0303 DSC_0306 DSC_0309 DSC_0311 DSC_0312 DSC_0313 DSC_0314 DSC_0315 DSC_0317 DSC_0319 DSC_0320 DSC_0321 DSC_0324

1963 Gibson Les Paul Jr. – SG Body

In 1961 Gibson made a major change to their model line.  The original Les Paul body, which we all know and love in burst form during  58-60, was officially gone.  The new models featured a slimmer flat-top body with a double cutaway, smaller heal and what Gibson claimed to be the “fastest neck in the world”.  Some loved it.  Some hated it.  Mr. Les Paul was in the later group and after his contract with Gibson was up he requested his name to be removed from the instrument.  1963 was the final year that the Les Paul Jr. carried the historic name and thus this guitar marks an end of an era.  

This guitar is special in more ways than just it’s history.  It plays beautifully, action is smooth and low, it’s lively with natural resonance, the original P-90 sounds crisp and articulate whether clean or overdriven and the guitar itself has a very honest, natural patina.  The light wear on the back of the neck tells us that it was obviously played but never abused.  Perhaps it saw a few gigs in it’s day but it doesn’t appear to have ever been a weekend bar warrior.  It also lacks any significant belt buckle rash.  This guitar is also a Birmingham, AL original.  Forbes Music was one of the largest instrument retailers in the city in the 1960s and this guitar still bears the original Forbes logo (which they placed on all their instruments) on the back of the headstock.  Just one more thing that adds to the story and history of this little guitar.  We took the piece in less an original case but we are including a brand new Gator hardshell case with the guitar.  

There are typical signs of age for Gibson instruments of this era – The pick guard has lifted slightly in a few places, the caps for the volume and tone knobs have come lose and there is some slight checking on the finish.  Again, very typical of a Gibson it’s age and beautiful in it’s own vintage essence.  All parts are original, including tuners and pots.  We love this guitar, in so many ways.  Plug this little baby up through a Marshall and you can rock and crunch for days with big open chords and AC/DC ‘ish lead licks.  Put it into a Fender or a Vox amp and enjoy articulate, full yet crisp clean tone that only a real vintage P-90 can provide.  So many cool tonal possibilities from such a simple, no frills guitar.  Do you love this guitar as much as we do?  Let’s chat about it.  Leave a comment below or better yet, send us an email at



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1973 Fender Telecaster Thinline

Ah, the 70’s… love ’em or hate ’em they did produce some pretty cool guitars amongst the gas crisis, neutering of V8 engines and all the other questionable things happening economically.  This ’73 Thinline is one of those COOL guitars.  And this one just has an extra coolness that I can’t get enough of.  The guitar is in amazingly good shape and in all original condition.  Obviously very well cared for by it’s previous owners.  There are two little imperfections to note, one being that someone had a g-k pickup (or another bridge or sorts) on the guitar at one time.  The tell tale sign is a tiny hole by the bridge.  There is also a small hole drilled in the pick guard where someone had a switch at one time.  But guess what, if the hole bothers you we’ve got a completely new pearl pick guard that is coming included with the guitar.

I’ll blog more about this one later.  But for now, just know that it is awesome.  Really awesome.  Drop us an email today and let’s chat about it –


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1967 Fender Tele Bigsby.

This guitar has the LOOK.  If you are into the real relic look, this guitar is for you.  All original survivor and includes the original case.  The guitar was originally Olympic white and as you can see it’s turned a beautiful amber with time… And smoke. If this guitar could talk it would have some great stories for sure. Someone loved this guitar and played often.  Most likely it was the go to gig guitar that always accompanied its owner to the weekend concert.  

When I received this guitar it had a very weak bridge pickup. It was professionally removed and is currently being repaired by Tom Brantley. The guitar currently has a Fender “nocaster” pickup but the original will be replaced for the next owner. 

The guitar also carries the rare “F bigsby” which makes this piece more unique. Frets are in surprisingly good shape and the guitar plays very well. It has that intoxicating snap and twang you would expect and sounds beautiful through any amp you choose to play through. The switch is still vintage wired with the original tone cap on the tone control. The tone cap on the switch (for bass tone in the fully forward position) has been replaced with an orange drop.

This is going to make a fantastic addition to someone’s collection, or as a working guitar to continue it’s service to the music world. For those interested I can also provide pictures of the neck stamp, pickups, pots codes, etc.

Please email for inquiries.  I’m also available to speak via phone. 


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